issue with card access

  • 9 May 2024
  • 1 reply

Hello I need your support to help me with a current issue on my GURU collection.

I only want the admins to have access with uploading and editing and archiving the contents on GURU the issue is that everyone other than the admins have access to archive and edit the card content in the collection.


I need and answer as soon as possible to fix this issue only admins who can edit and archive contents.


Thank you 


1 reply


Hey @Laila Alshammari


Maggie from Guru’s Digital Customer Solutions team - happy to help you out here! 


Admins have access to control permissions in your Guru instance by navigating to Manage > Collections > Collections Settings. 


You’ll control access at the Collection level. I would recommend adjusting the permissions so that your Admin group has the Collection Owner role for your Collections and that your “All Members” group (or any other necessary groups) have Read-only access.


For more details around permissions, check out our Help Center article here. 


You can also always reach out directly to our team with any questions you have by emailing into