Issues with how cards display for people in Safari

User is seeing the card with all the images laid out on top of each other (rather than next to each other in a mosaic) and they can’t scroll down more than a 3-4 lines.

This has come up a few times. Happens mainly in Safari.

Is it an issue with how I authored the card or with that browser?


Best answer by Laura Desmond-Black 26 July 2022, 00:28

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I am having the same issue on Safari, specifically 15.5. Images overlap each other and the text that should be shown is instead behind them.


I am attaching an example, here is just an image above simple bullet point list and a paragraph. The second item of the list is another image. When editing it looks just fine but on display the second image over laps both the image above and the other items of the list and the header that should be above the paragraph.



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Hi @Alex Helton and @Kyle Burckhard

Sorry you’re running into this, it seems like a bug. I have the same issue with a card in Safari 15.5 but not in Chrome. I’ll check in with our Engineering team to see what they say and report back. 



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Hi Kyle & Alex, 

Sorry about the delayed response, I was able to confirm that this issue is logged in our bug tracker. At this time it’s prioritized behind significant updates we’re making to our underlying editor technology. That project has been running for a while but we’re making progress. I wasn’t able to find a workaround for this either in edit or view modes, my best suggestion is to use Firefox or Chrome if available. I’m sorry about this, we’ll keep an eye on it!


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Hi Alex & Kyle,

I have some good news!

The Engineering team was able to find a lower effort way to address this and released an update earlier today for this. Could you confirm if you’re still having issues in Safari after refreshing your open tabs?