KCS, Intelligent Swarming and Guru

  • 6 August 2021
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Hey folks 👋I’d like to introduce KCS and Intelligent Swarming for our customer facing teams. Do you have any experiencee or resources how to do it with Guru? I’m thinking about a kick off workshop with one team first where I outline the basics of KCS and Intelligent Swarming and then show how it can be done with Guru.


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3 replies

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Hi @Lars Böhnke , thanks for reaching out. I can see that you also wrote into our Support team, but I’m going to repost the resources that were shared there for others here in the community.

Guru is a member of the Consortium for Service Innovation, the organization that oversees and updates KCS. We do not have a certification with KCS, but as outlined below we successfully support essential KCS workflows and we have several teams using Guru to support their KCS implementation.

  • A key practice in KCS is "Search early, search often". Guru's browser extension and AI capabilities get you the information you're searching for faster.
  • Guru's analytics can give you insight into your KCS Process Integration Indicators
  • Whatever your licensing model, you can set up your team's Groups and Collections permissions to support it.
  • Your team can create a Guru board that identifies the card quality standards and templates for the whole team to use when creating content.

We also have two certified KCS v6 trainers at Guru, @Yael McCue and @Matt Garren who may be able to share more insight. :grinning:

Are these resources helpful for you/what other questions are you thinking through as you plan your training? 

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@Devon O'Dwyer yep, there was some overlap, thanks. Is it possible to have a Guru KCS expert giving some input in a 30 min talk with some Q&A to kick things off? Do you do things like that? Or a webinar we could watch together as a team?

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Hey @Lars Böhnke! I might be able to help out here! Sending you an email for more details :slight_smile: