KCS Workflow: Updating Cards after a feature release

  • 13 June 2023
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Hey Guru Community 🤙

Looking for some best practices or insight. Our company has high product release velocity which makes our cards outdated fairly quickly. Typically, I would rely on the KCS process to keep our cards up-to-date, however, our support team’s volume is also high which makes confirming whether a resolution is correct before sending out to customers every time unsustainable. Providing incorrect resolutions are also a poor customer experience so I want to prevent that as much as possible.


I am curious how other companies proactively update KCS Guru cards after a feature release or if there are any resources that can point me to the right direction.


My initial idea: I am thinking about creating a process where our SMEs (who create external help center articles for product releases) tag top copied Guru cards that are impacted by feature releases and have our CCAs work off that queue. I want to create a dashboard sorted by product tag and copied number where CCAs can view tagged cards and I can also track workload, but cannot seem to figure out how to do that. 

1 reply

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This is an area I struggle with as well. Guru has improved our internal knowledge sharing for sure, but I cover 6 different products in our organization and releases are constant. There is no solidified process right now for tracking this–product teams simple update their release notes, provide some high level ‘how it works’ documentation and thats it. 

I need to improve this and get a more comprehensive solution in place because it impacts other Guru cards, but also our public facing content.