Leveraging Guru Metrics in Employee Performance Reviews

  • 18 April 2022
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Curious if any folks have leveraged or are thinking about leveraging Guru Analytics data in their team or employee performance reviews? 🤔

As a people manager at Guru I’ve used the following metrics as discussion points for my teams’ reviews ands its been really cool to see these numbers evolve and change over time. They are also great metrics to track for individual goal setting. 

  • # of New Cards created -- are they actively contributing to the KB? (I use the Author filter and date filter in the Card Manager to see this in a specified time frame)
  • Trust Score of Cards they Verify are they keeping things up to date? (I use Verifier filter in Card manager to get Card Count and then filter for Verification state to get # trusted vs. # unverified)
  • Top Cards Viewed what is their go-to knowledge? Do they need more training on X topic? (I use the User Drilldown in Analytics and the “Most Viewed” Card list and adjust the date filters)

4 replies

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@Ashley W. @Megan McFadden from Strava are interested in this as well! 

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@Cristie Laratta - You have done a bunch of work around this for your role. Feel free to chime in and share ideas!

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I use Guru card comments which are helpful to managers and team leads see which individuals are contributing to our documentation as a whole. It’s not a hardcoded criteria for their performance reviews but it is certainly seen as an additional bonus in the “above and beyond” category. 

Since I track all these comments in a separate spreadsheet, it’s easy to pivot that data to tally up the number of comments by each person, and use that towards their performance reviews as contributors of knowledge. Our feedback cycle relies on people flagging missing, outdated or unclear content on any Guru card that I action on later, so it’s a great way to also drive continuous improvements and engagement in Guru from our users!

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@Valerie Renda I know you’ve been thinking about making case for making Guru activities part of employee reviews! Here’s some ideas and feel free to share some you’ve been thinking about! 😁