Linking to local documents

  • 8 October 2021
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We have many procedural GURU cards that need to reference documents on our server that change frequently.

For example, we have a GURU card on file retention that has data that does not change, then we have a Master List of the file names that changes often.

I tried using the paperclip attach feature, but that attaches a static copy of the document. Even is you open the attached file and make changes, it does not save the changes. 

I can’t use the link feature since the documents are on a local server instead of on the WWW.

Any suggestions?

2 replies

I am also having the same issue and would love to know if there’s a way to make this work!

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Hey @Patti Lehman thank you so much for dropping this question in the community and, @Angela Melendez , thank you for sharing your use case as well!


As we think about workarounds, one of my team members suggested that it may be possible to get document links for the files on the local server. Even though it’s not on the cloud or a www, if it’s on a local server, folks who have access to that local server should be able to go from that link to the document. Doing a quick google search, the way you go about this may be depend on the operating system (mac or windows).