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I was wondering if you could make cards invisible in the searchbar but accessible for everyone (only when they need it)? 

We have small cards that are an element of a ‘head’ instruction. This mostly contains a table which doesn't fit between the instruction or is only necessary in certain situations. 

Now they show up in the searchbar. This is not convenient because the search bar gives more results than needed and we don't want our employees to mis the important steps where they need to start.  

We've tried:

  • Include the content in the same Card with the use of markups. This doesn't work because the nummering/bullits will not continue after a markup.
  • Include the content with a table of content. This only makes it difficult for our employees to edit the content because it is not easy to edit for everyone. 
  • Put a note in the ‘side’ instruction: ‘you only need this content when ..’ or ‘you've first followed these steps [link] before you start with this Card’. This option is still open if there is no other option. 

Hopefully someone can help me out!


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Hi Laura (great name :), 

I’m the PM for search and discovery here at Guru so I can confirm that there is no way to hide content from search results. If someone has permission to a view a card, it could be part of their search results, if Guru has determined it’s relevant. 

Hopefully some of our power users here in the Community will have additional suggestions about ways to make sure people understand these instructions are not where they should start. Off the top of my head I only have 2 ideas: include something like “Optional” in the title, and link to the content someone should start with in the body of the card. At least then if someone sees a result in search titled “Optional: Process for XYZ” they will realize it isn’t the definitive solution and hopefully choose a different card. The other idea is to create a tag for the types of cards you want people to start with, like “instructions”, and then encourage people to search with that tag filter applied. I know tags are a bit tough to work with today, as you have to specify them up front when submitting a query. We are working to bring them to the search results with this work so it’ll get easier to work with them soon. 


Hey @Laura Desmond-Black

Thank you so much for your quick response. The tips are very welcome! 

We are currently exploring the Tag option by our employees. Personally I am a fan! Hopefully they find it as easy as I think it is.  The new filters look good! Do you have any idea when this will be live for everyone to use? 

The Titel tip sounds good as well! Within a couple weeks we are going to test our content in Guru with some teams and this is definitely an option to show them! 


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I’m glad using tags as a filter seems like it will be a help. Once we make the changes described in the other post they should be even easier to use! Same for the titling idea :)

I don’t have an exact timeline for the additional filtering to share other than “soon” and that it’s in progress. I’ll be sure to make updates on the other post as there are things to share so I recommend subscribing to it so you can get email notifications for those posts. 

Please let us know if you have more questions once you start testing with your team!