Managing your Guru notifications

  • 8 March 2022
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Hey everyone! Caroline from Guru Technical Support here 👋 I wanted to talk a little about managing your Guru notifications today!


Guru will send you a notification whenever someone requests that you verify a Card, tags you in a comment, sends you a Knowledge alert, and more - full list here. Below are a couple of tips on how you can manage these notifications to fit your needs. 


Get notifications via Slack/MS Teams: Instead of receiving notifications via email, you can opt into receiving notifications in Slack or Teams instead. This means you can seamlessly keep tabs of Guru happenings without leaving your workflow. 


(In Slack) Get verification notifications at a specific time: Our Slack integration allows you to set up a reminder of your verification queue on a regular basis that you specify. For example, I set up my Slack integration to ping me every Friday afternoon so I can wind my week down by working through my verification queue!


Use Zapier or Workato: If you want to get more notifications (ie. receive notifications whenever a Card is updated), you can use our iPaas solutions to bolster our existing options. 


I hope these tips are helpful! How do you have your Guru notifications set up? 

3 replies


It was be a great help if we can have the option to get email notification even if I already get it in MS Teams or Slack

Thank you

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@Caroline Krueger Is there any way to know how many of our users have Slack notifications enabled?

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@Linda Moore Great question! This is one Guru's Technical Support team can best respond to. I've alerted the team and they’ll be touch by email as soon as possible to discuss.