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  • 26 October 2021
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I have created a card through the browser interface.  My card has screen shot images in it.  When I am looking at the card in the mobile app, the images are not there and there is the “broken” image icon.




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13 replies

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Hey @Evan Daily , I hope you’re doing well! Thanks for sharing this question. Unfortunately, it looks like this is a bug with how our editor renders some images in our mobile app. Some images, generally those added earlier, are unaffected by this. Our engineering team is aware of this issue and is hoping to get some insight from mobile developers to work on a fix, so there may be a bit of a delay in resolution.

In the meantime, for images that you anticipate being necessary to view on the mobile app, I recommend linking to the image. Additionally, users should be able to view images when they navigate to the Guru web app on their phone and on their computer.

I apologize for the trouble! I hope that this context is helpful for now and will keep you updated as this is resolved in the mobile app.

Is there an update on this issue. I still see broken links in the mobile app but not on the Web. Does it matter if the image is a *.png or a *.jpg? Any update would be appreciated.

Hi @John Kostenbader - thanks for following up on this, and I’m sorry this is causing trouble for you! We don’t yet know if file type is a factor (in checking just now, I’m seeing some PNG files render fine on mobile, and others that do not). Unfortunately there isn’t an update on this issue yet, but it’s still on our radar and we’ll share an update as soon as we have one. 

Hi Everyone, I have found a potential workaround to this depending on your company and sharing/security procedures etc.

I’ve noticed that if I change my privacy settings to ‘allow to share links + images outside Guru’ I can get the images to appear correctly. 

  1. Toggle More Options on the desired Card
  2. Change Privacy and Sharing to 
    1.  Who can access this Card? 
      1. Your Guru teammates with Collection- or Board-level access
        • Allow teammates to share links to attached images and files outside of Guru

I have not been able to test this with every card we have on mobile due to our small team and number of Cards shared.  So far both .JPG and .PNG appear to display with this workaround. 


It won’t solve the issue for everyone but hopefully this helps some of you! 


Good Luck!

@Chris Anderson , surely 4 months down the road we’ve made some progress on this. I see @Cara McBeath  answer above and indeed it does work for the few I’ve tested but I consider that a work around and not a solution. Is there any update or update time frame you can share on this please. Its quite an annoying problem given the axiom that a picture is worth a thousand words :)

Hi @John Kostenbader - I understand your frustration. Unfortunately we do not yet have an update as to when this issue will be resolved by. We will be sure to post an update as soon as we have more clarity on timing for a solution.

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I see this question marked as solved, but can attest that this is still an issue. We are seeing it with both images and iFrames. Is there something we should be doing to make inserted media visible in the Guru mobile app?

@Abbey Florence apologies for the confusion - I went ahead and removed Callie’s response above as “Best answer,” which also removes the “Solved” label at the top of the post. As for potential workarounds, we do not have an official workaround that we’ve fully tested, but you may want to try what Cara suggested above? Apologies for the inconvenience!

Hi @Chris Anderson, checking in on this issue again. Assuming it is not solved yet, do we at least have an idea what the problem is? At this point are we waiting for something from Apple or whatever platform the mobileApp is running on? Any news would be appreciated. Images play a big role for us.

Hi @John Kostenbader, thanks for checking in. We have prioritized investigating this in August, to identify the underlying issue(s) and work toward a resolution as quickly as possible. I know this is a long standing issue and I can very much appreciate the importance of getting it resolved. We will follow up as soon as we learn more. 

We identified the issue, implemented a solution, and deployed the fix today in production! It may take up to 24 hours to reflect on your Guru mobile app, and you may need to update the app to the newest version. Thanks for your patience - I know this took much longer than any of us would have liked. Please let us know if you have any questions or see the issue still after 24 hours. FYI @John Kostenbader@Abbey Florence@Cara McBeath@Evan Daily

I’ve been using Guru for 1.5 years but only just tried the App today and I’m still seeing this issue, one month after it was announced that it was fixed. I have a Galaxy Note 20. The app store doesn’t show any updates for the Guru app in it. Was the issue on the app side or on the platform side or both? I ask because do I need to wait for the Google Play Store to have a new app version before this issue will resolve? 

Hi @Ryan R, thanks for letting us know! I checked back on this, and learned that the fix we pushed was for the iOS app, and we’re working on the Android app next, which will be a bit more complex to fix, as their are other updates needed. No timeline yet, but we’ll keep this thread updated. Apologies for the confusion and delay.