Naming of Cards (and Resources) in Guru Export

  • 8 August 2023
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Hi all!

Would anyone know if there are any settings/options around the naming of files in a Guru Collection export? I have just exported a large collection and by the looks of things there are a few issues:

  1. All cards within the .zip file provided by the export show up as .html files named with an unique identifying alphanumeric string (e.g.”a83db669-556f-4a00-9552-f436f95893bd”) instead of the actual name of the card. This makes it very difficult to identify a particular card in the folder.
  2. Furthermore images and videos within cards are separated out into a different folder named ‘resources’, where some of the images are named with the same ID as the card, but others from the same card have a completely different name (e.g. ‘doc0_image4). This makes it a really impossible task to identify which image, audio, and video files belong to which card.
  3. Lastly, SOME cards also have a .yaml file with the same name. All these files contain is the title of that card, separated out from the main body of text. This means that a user often needs to open both cards to figure out what a specific card refers to in the export.

So I guess the actual questions are:

  1. Is anyone aware of an option to change the way card collections are exported so that the title of the card/resource is what the file is named as?
  2. Has anyone found a way to align the ‘resources’ folder in the export (containing the images & audio/visual files) with a specific card?
  3. Has anyone found a way to export all cards so that there is only one file per card that actually contains the title of the card (i.e. not separated out into a different files)?

Thanks everyone!


3 replies

Hello there,

It seems like you're encountering some challenges with the file naming and organization during the export of a Guru Collection. To address your questions:

File Naming Options: As of now, Guru's export feature appears to generate unique alphanumeric filenames for each card. There might not be a direct option to change this naming convention within Guru's export settings.

Organizing 'Resources' Folder: Unfortunately, Guru's export process seems to organize images and files into the 'resources' folder with varying naming conventions. Aligning these resources with specific cards could require manual organization post-export.

Exporting with Card Titles: It appears that Guru's export includes separate .yaml files for some cards containing only the card title. This is part of the export structure and aligning all card titles into a single file per card might not be a native feature.

While there might not be direct settings within Guru to achieve the exact file naming and organization you're looking for, you could consider reaching out to Guru's support or community forums for any potential thop workarounds or insights from other users who might have found ways to address similar export challenges.

Best regards,

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Hey @KdLT, really great questions! Would it be possible to share a little more about what you plan to do with the exported content and how it will be used? An export of a collection in the HTML format can be useful for a number of different scenarios including a backup of all data. Hopefully, other users will chime in with tips on how they transform their Collection export into another format! In the meantime, do the other ways of exporting content out of Guru get you closer to the outcome that you’re seeking (export of one file per card)?

Seeking help with Guru Collection export file naming and organization issues. Cards showing up as unique alphanumeric strings, images/videos in separate 'resources' folder with inconsistent naming. Looking for solutions to align resources, have card titles as filenames, and improve organization. Any insights appreciated. Thank you!