Ordered list numbering issue

  • 11 January 2024
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Is there a way to prevent ordered lists from restarting at 1 when they are separated by an image? I put screenshots between ordered list items and I don't want the list to restart. Thank you!


Best answer by Margaret McAnulty 11 January 2024, 22:09

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2 replies


Hi @James Trout - Thanks for reaching out to us! 

Many teams utilize the numbered list formatting with images between just like you’ve explained.  In the editor, you should be able to add images between your listed text like so:

You can add the image on the same line as your text OR to place the image under your text I recommend using “shift + enter” to create a new line without jumping in to the next number. Once the image is added, you should be able to hit “enter” and continue your numbered list where you left off. The list should not be starting back at 1 after an image.

Give this a try and if you are still facing issues, I recommend emailing into our Technical Support team at


Thank you, it worked!