Pasting Text with Formatting from OneNote?

  • 16 January 2023
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I’m trying to copy and paste information from OneNote into various cards in Guru. When I do a regular copy/paste, it inserts an image of the text box, not the text itself. 

I can do a Ctrl+Shift+V to paste without formatting, which at least inserts as plain text. However it removes any bold/text color, which is cumbersome to go back and re-add. 

Does anyone have any helpful tips for copy/pasting text into a Guru card?

1 reply

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Hi @Leah Colatosti, I’m sorry the copy/paste from OneNote’s editor to Guru’s editor isn’t producing the results you’re looking for. Do you see an option to export the OneNote file into another format, like a Word document? A workaround I’m thinking of is to convert the OneNote files into a format that will be compatible for an import into Guru. Another idea, and this also might be just as tedious as what you’re doing now, but you could also try pasting the copied content into Word or Google Docs, copying it again, and pasting into the Guru Card to see if that paste is better. Finally, if you have access to a developer as a resource, you also might want to ask them if they can use the APIs to pull content out of OneNote and import it into Guru.