Problems with Suggested Answers in Slack

  • 4 January 2024
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I tried out Suggested Answers in Slack and have three major complaints…

  1. It answers every question posted, regardless of whether it has an answer or not. This is super annoying because many questions in slack are not related to wiki/intranet (i.e. “what do yall think of X?” or “anyone have a problem with doing Y?”). It would be much better if the bot would only answer questions that it finds a decent answer for.
  2. I am unable to disable Suggested Answers in Slack! I tried disabling it by removing the channel in Settings → Apps & Integrations → Apps → Slack → Manage → Suggested answers. I  then also tried kicking the bot from the channel and re-adding it. Both attempts failed and the bot still tried answer every single question posted in the channel. Finally I removed the app integration from Slack entirely, which leads me to my final complaint…
  3. The app was successfully removed from Slack, however it still shows up as installed in Guru. So when I try to reinstall the app it just brings me to the page in Guru to manage the application (which it thinks is still installed). So I am now unable to add the Slack integration back!


3 replies

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Hey Tony! Thanks for the feedback!

Regarding #1 - totally understand where you’re coming from - I think theres an opportunity to have the Slack bot be a bit more choosy with responses. What kind of channels have you added Suggested Answers to? This is a pretty new feature so it would be great to understand how you’ve implemented it!

Regarding #2 and #3 - this is a bug that we recently discovered and will be correcting soon - thanks for raising that!


Thanks Noah! Appreciate the quick response!


As for #1 - I started with adding it to our generic “engineering” channel (we’re a software company). It seemed like a good place for Suggested Answers because it’s a common place for questions we already have documented answers for (like how we tend to solve certain kinds of problems, what practices and policies we follow, what tools we use, etc.) - however we quickly realized it also has many questions that Guru won’t ever have answers for (i.e. ongoing opinion/discussion, scheduling/canceling meetings, plans for next steps, etc.)

FYI the bug with #2 and #3 has been resolved!