Recommendations for consolidating cards and card ownership for processes that are cross team?

  • 3 November 2022
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Hi! Do any of you have advice/experience consolidating card ownership for cross-team processes? We’ve democratized card creation by letting teams create what they need. That has served us very well, but now we are running up against multiple cards on the same process written by different authors from the perspective of their teams. This can cause a little bit of confusion and waters down the single source of truth approach we hoped to have. Should one person do all the verification for each? Use better tags? Have a trunk card with branch cards linked to it?

Any advice greatly appreciated - thanks folks!



1 reply

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@Ashley Green this is indeed tricky! Assuming that the Cards are in the same collection, I like your idea of the truck card that serves as a parent card, linking to each resource, with a team tag included on each. You could also include a standard header on each card that displays something like “this card is relevant to the marketing team.” Hope this helps!