Salesforce and Guru Integrations

  • 23 August 2021
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Hello fellow Guru-ers!

We currently use Salesforce as our CRM, and have a customer portal, which features case deflection software using the content that our Support Engineers have written in SFDC over the years.

Obviously, we’d like to replace Salesforce Knowledge Base with Guru - but the case deflection software has been heavily customised to accomodate Salesforce. Unfortunately, if we change that connection, then we effectively have to get the case deflection softwares Machine Learning to re-learn everything so it can recommend content can help customers when they’re submitting their cases - and losing 2 years worth of data is the veto’d idea of the last resort of the last resort.

Additionally, if we used the Knowledge Sync from Salesforce back into Guru, it means that Engineers will have to use Guru to solve cases, but write content in Salesforce (which in itself isn’t great) and then maintain the content in Salesforce as well. Part of the drive behind this is to have one place that Engineers can create and update content, and have it flow to other areas as necessary - and we want that one place to be Guru, as it’s ability to create content from anywhere, while supporting images, tables and other features is far superior to the capability existing in SFDC - and so much less clunky!

So to that end, we’re working towards using Workato to publish cards and edit content to Salesforce… to say that the situation is complicated is a bit of an understatement, so I’m wondering if anyone here has accomplished something similar?

One of the biggest issues that we’re currently trying to accomodate is how to create a 1-1 relationship between a Guru Card and Salesforce Article, with the limitations of SFDC and the number of “External Fields” on the Knowledge Articles. The issue here being that if we use a Title - Title search, if a Guru card title gets amended, then it won’t be able to find the corresponding article in Salesforce, and create duplicated content.

Some ideas we tried:

  • We tried to create a new field on Salesforce called “Guru Card ID” and populate it with the Card ID, but it’s not an external field, so we couldn’t use that in combination with Workato.
  • We also contemplated using Tags on Guru to store the Salesforce Article ID number, but then we ran into issues with cards that have multiple tags
  • We’re also contemplating updating the SFDC URL name to that of the Guru Card ID, so we can search on a 1-1 basis, but we’re not sure if that is going to work in all honesty, additionally, by updating that field, we may loose data from the case deflection software.
  • I guess using a massive lookup table could be a “Break glass in case of emergency” situation, but having an ever growing lookup table of at least 500 cards-articles is obviously not ideal.

So hoping to see if anyone has accomplished anything similar that we could leverage! Happy Monday team! :joy:

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