Seeking advice on increasing trust scores for reluctant verifiers

  • 11 May 2023
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Hi all! 


I’ve seen a few similar posts but nothing that exactly matches my question: What are some tips to make sure verifiers get their content verified within a reasonable amount of time? 


I think our verifiers have gotten into the habit of ignoring notifications, and they don’t visit their “tasks” as requested. The more cards expire, the more overwhelming it might seem. As a result, I think verification is just falling off of the to-do lists of our busiest employees.  It seems they know what is being asked of them, and they understand the importance of verification-- but they don’t have the time. In some cases, the consequence is they’ll rush to reverify when the content hasn’t actually been reviewed. 


Here’s what I’ve tried: 

  • Flagged low trust scores with verifiers and synched with them individually to see if I can help clarify any processes.
  • Highlighted the consequences of unverified content 
  • Reduced the ask to focus on only the top 20 cards
  • Asked to start by verifying 10 cards per week.
  • Added comments in cards to highlight specific info in a card that needs some eyes. 


Has anyone success in getting reluctant verifiers increase their trust scores when a backlog has piled up? 

1 reply

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Just boosting for visibility. I also would love some best practices.