Suggestion on how to gain visibility on tools/content that redirect to Guru Cards

  • 29 September 2022
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Within our CX organization we have multiple teams that use tools that point our agents to Guru Cards for additional details (e.g. Salesforce flows, Training modules, etc.)

Unfortunately, our Knowledge Management team doesn’t have visibility on all tools that reference our Cards so we can easily disrupt a flow/training if we make significant changes (or archive) to a Card.

Our manual solution that we adopted about a year ago was to use tags so we at least know that another tool has a dependency on a specific Card. That said, it’s not super thorough and it requires us to email/Slack a team if a large change is made. 

Guru’s linked Card feature is a perfect example of the visibility we need for other tools/software that our teams use. This will give us a better idea of what Card edits/updates will have downstream to any linked Trainings, Salesforce Flows, etc.


I’m curious how other teams keep track of changes to Guru content that impact other tools at their company?

Does anyone know what types of software or terms could help me on my search?  

3 replies

Hi @Michael Castillo, great question. Would the ability to follow and be notified of Card updates help address this challenge you think? 

This would put the onus on whoever is responsible for the third party apps that link to Guru Cards to follow and make updates as needed, but maybe that’s a plausible expectation once we have the “follow” capability released?

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@Chris Anderson I think that could be utilized as part of the solution but it only notifes in one direction (Guru --> External Tools/Users).


Based on your knowledge of the upcoming feature, is there a way to blast teams with specific Card(s) updates or would every member on a team need to open each Card and follow them individually?

Correct, looking at the last updates shared in the above linked post, the notifications push from the Card to the followers (one direction) based on the author/verifier’s choice to “notify followers”.

Looking at the notes share in the post, looks like users need to follow Cards individually in order to receive update notifications. That said, this feature is still under development, and there will likely be iterations based on additional feedback we receive from customers. Please feel free to jump into that post and share your input!