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  • 26 June 2022
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This feels like a very obvious question, so I apologize if I am overlooking an existing tool. But… is there a way as an Admin to view and manage card templates? I assumed they would be visible in Card Manager or Team Settings, but I don’t see them there. We may want to make bulk changes (like applying tags or reassigning them to a central person). The only way I have found to view templates is when you actually go to create a card ( 



2 replies

Hi @Abbey Florence! Currently, the way you update card templates is how you described, you create a card, select the template, and click the edit option. Great point about the potential need for bulk editing card templates - I checked and am not seeing a product feedback post on this yet, so feel free to create one here if you’d like! I’m curious if other folks would find this helpful as well, as I can definitely see the need for something like this.

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I created a feedback post - Template Management. Thank you!