The ‘Favorite Board’ function does not seem to work right

  • 22 August 2022
  • 1 reply

The ‘Favorite Board’ function does not seem to work right. 

After I favorite boards, they are properly displayed in ‘Heart Favorites’ section. 

When I click on one, the Collection shows up. 

When i click on another favorite, the screen defaults back to the Collection i had on the screen (even though the favorite board is in another collection). 

I assume this is because the subscription we have, but the application behavior is not good. 


(We are testing Guru against Notion, and this ‘Favorite’ behavior is creating a negative impression)

1 reply

Hi @Tibor Vozar, thanks for letting us know about this, and sorry to hear this wasn’t a great experience for you. This is something Guru's Technical Support team can best respond to - I've alerted our Support Team and they’ll be in touch as soon as possible.