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  • 26 August 2021
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Our team is (FINALLY) starting to use the Guru Q+A function for asking and answering questions, but we’re running into a couple of snags for implementation. 

  1. Is it possible to view the answers from another asker’s question in the Card Manager? 
  2. Is it possible to get any sort of analytics around a particular user’s (or group of users’) usage of the Q+A function outside of the drilldown? 
  3. In the drilldown, is there a way to see what questions a user is asking? And if so, can we automate a report to show us their usage of the function? 


Thanks, in advance, for the help! :) 


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@Kaitlin Warren Hi Kaitlin! I’m excited that your team has started using the Q&A function 🙌🏻 - here are some answers to your questions:

  1. Unfortunately you cannot see the Card that was used to answer another asker’s question in the Card Manager (although you can submit this as product feedback for our team😉) - the way Questions show up in the Card Manager is as follows: 
  • In the Card Manager, Questions will appear in the Questions tab whether they have been answered or not until the asker archives the Question
  • You cannot see the Card that was used to answer the Question from the Card Manager
  • If you asked the Question, you can archive the Question from the Card Manager
  1. Can you please specify for me what you mean by the drilldown? With more technical resources, you can use our API to get more analytics around our Q&A function - we do track “question answered”, “question deleted” and “question created,” which you can read more about on our Developer website here. We ideally recommend using our analytics endpoint with some sort of BI tool to database event information so that you can make these metrics - we have a Public Card here that contains more information!
  2. You can see all questions that users on your team ask in the Questions tab in Card Manager until they have been archived by the asker. However, for a full report you would need to leverage our API using what I described in #2. 

Here are some additional Help Center resources 😄: