Tidying up the slack activity feed

  • 25 January 2022
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When I use the “list feeds” command,  guru lists a bunch of General Activity feeds that I am unable to remove. It says I don’t have the permissions to delete these feeds.

I think these might be for boards that used to be linked to the Slack channel but have since been deleted. Is there a way to reduce the clutter when I use this command?



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Hey @Alice Jin ! Thank you for sharing this. We have some ideas for troubleshooting. First, are you a Guru admin in addition to a Slack admin on your team? Looks like wires are crossed and the integration is not reading the most up-to-date boards. It may be best to recalibrate and reinstall the integration, and you’d need access to both admin levels to do so. You can re-install the integration by going to Team Settings > Apps & Integrations page and following these help center instructions.


If you are not a Guru or Slack admin, it may be best to work with the admin to clean up those feeds and therefore your view while working with the slack app. 


Let me know how it goes!

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Thank you! Will give that a shot

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This has been done and we ensured that the people removing and re-installing are admins.

Do you have any ideas on other ways I can troubleshoot?