Tips for improving search to ensure team members can find content quickly?

  • 28 October 2021
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Hey everyone 👋🏻Let’s talk about search. How do you increase the likelihood your teams can find the right content when searching in Guru?

I know that some of our successful customers take a two-pronged approach to improving search results:

  1. Use best practices when creating or updating content to make it surface in appropriate search results

  2. Teach your teams how to use search filters and favorite cards to narrow down to the content they need

Incorporating both tactics is a great strategy, especially when you have a ton of content and your reps are looking for that one piece of information they need at the moment they need it. 


Making Content Easier to Find

Here are some action items to tackle that will improve content for search: 

1. Title Check

Use your Guru analytics to compare Searches Producing Results and Searches Producing No Results to understand how your users are searching for content. Update card titles to make them more findable. 

2. Archive Old Content

Use the Card Manager filters to find Cards that haven't been viewed in the past six months and consider archiving content that isn’t needed. 


Train Teams to Improve Their Search Results

Educate your end-users on features like favorites lists, and on the keywords you've found surface the Cards they need most.

  • Favorite Cards

Perform a search (either with filters or without filters). Once you get results, select the "Display My Favorites Only" checkbox. Now out of the search results, you will only see those Cards that you have previously favorited.​

Filtering search by favorite Cards in Guru extension

  • Filtering by Tag or Collection

You can filter with multiple Collections and tags at once. To do so, either use the shortcuts (! for Collections and # for tags) or select the filter icon. This will exclude all other Collections and tags.

Filtering search in Guru extension by Collections and tags.

Have you seen success from these strategies or other tactics like creating tagging structures, for instance?I know that @Chris Aleman at Favor has done some great work making content findable for their teams. If you have seen positive results in improving search results for your teams, please share the wealth! 


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3 replies

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Great tips @Cassie Haughey ! Folks should also check out the new updates to Search’s UI released on October 26th! 🙌 


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Awesome tips here @Cassie Haughey! I definitely recommend these as a way to keep your knowledge as fresh and searchable as possible.

My favorites are the Title Check and Collection Filter!

  • Title Check: Many of our Zendesk tickets already come with pretagged Headers/Subject lines so we have worked to make sure our Card titles are either matching those titles or utilizing the tags to include those headers. This makes the AI Suggest pick it up immediately or makes sure our team can just copy and paste into the Guru Extension to find what they need! 
  • Collection Filter: We have built our knowledge base so much in our 10 months with Guru and our tasks are broken up in to collection to make it as easy as possible for our team to focus on the knowledge pertinent to the task at hand. Collection Filters allow my team to declutter their search results to knowledge they need in the moment.

We have also learned a hard lesson of more tags does not always mean better search. Be thoughtful with your tagging to make sure you are not duplicating what the Collection Filter and permissions for groups will already perform.Example: Customer Support does not need to be tagged onto all the cards in the Customer Support collection since Guru’s filters can already do that for you! If you tag every card with the same tag, are you really filtering any information down when searching?

Another thing to keep in mind with so many teammates is that we all speak and communicate differently so capture your interpretation of the situation but also others. Searches with no results is great for this to see what people are searching for to add or retitle cards.
Example: I may think the customer is reaching out that they didn’t receive their order but everyone else searches “Order Not Received” and our Internal tagging says “Order Wasn’t Received”. We need to make sure we are accounting for differences in our tagging and speech to align and be inclusive in search. 

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Excellent points, @Chris Aleman !  It’s so important to revisit the search terms teams are using so that we can adjust card titles, tags, and content. And your tip on not duplicating efforts by tagging what will already be caught in Collection filters is spot on. 

Powering AI Suggest with pretagged headers and subjects coming from Zendesk? Brilliant!