Tips for making the most of the Guru's updated navigation

  • 19 July 2022
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Hi all! I wanted to share some tips/thoughts I had while recently making some light adjustments to a Collection I manage. While thinking about how to make the most of our updated navigation, I realized I was able to significantly cut down on the layers of hierarchy I had in this Collection, and consolidate several Board groups/Boards to create an experience that is much simpler to browse. I hope you find this inspiring! How are you thinking about making the most of the new nav?



1 reply

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Great Insights @Sydney Sundell.
Just a suggestion that I think would help improve the overall experience. It would be great if once a user could be able to add board/board group descriptions and details.
Once a user clicks on the board/board group on the middle panel, information on the board/board-group displays on the right panel.
This would be an ideal place to have a ToC for that specific board/board-group to help users to quickly navigate to the card they need to access.