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  • 4 August 2021
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Hello Guru Community!!

I’m hoping I can get some suggestions for some online training courses for myself and my team to go through. Thank you in advance!!

3 replies

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@Chelsea Pierce Hi Chelsea, welcome to the Community! 👋

I’d recommend our Guru Academy as the first place to check out - we have tailored courses by role (Admin, Author, and Read Only), in addition to courses based on use case (Currently Internal Communications and Product Enablement). 

You can also look at the training/resources tag here in the Community for other posts and discussions on this topic! 


@Chelsea Pierce any particular topics you’re hoping to get training on? Also, we’ve been thinking more about “train the trainer” resources we could provide, in addition to the awesome courses in the Academy. What would you love to have in an ideal world? cc @Imtiaz Alam 

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Hi @Chris Anderson!

I’m more so looking for resources/classes for my trainers, we’re a rapidly growing CX Team and would like to go through a course to refine our training skills as we continue to scale. Thanks for asking!