Trying to figure out the best way address all comments in the org on a regular basis, any ideas?

  • 10 November 2022
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When looking though I didn’t find a way to parse all the comments made on all cards in all collections for a given time frame. As a Guru admin, I would like to be able to ensure that all comments that were made in a given time frame were seen and addressed (both resolved and open). I may have missed it when going through the options and documentation. Please do let me know if I missed it or have any ideas for a workaround (maybe an email filter or using the API). Thanks in advance! 😃🙏

7 replies

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I have an answer for this! I use the card manager filters. Card Manager > Filter by Attribute > Comments > Number of comments > is greater than > 0 


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You can also save the filter so you can get back to it quick under Saved Filters. That way you don’t have to follow those steps each time. 


Thank you for your reply! Does this give you a way to figure out which comments were made in the last X number of days?

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I sort mine by Modified, which I believe includes when comments were modified. 

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I’d like to be able to sort by Open, not resolved. @Leah Colatosti when I ran the report you mentioned I do no see a breakdown. Is there a way you can do this in your experience?

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@Linda Moore The way I’m using the filter, I’m pretty sure it’s only showing me Open comments. Agreed that it would be nice to have a filter for Open vs. Resolved. 

I use the comments as kind of a task list for myself, so in my use case I really just need to see the open ones. 

What I would really love is a list in the Tasks area showing all OPEN comments that were initiated by or had replied to by me, so I can follow through on requests to staff.

The Card Manager filter option doesn't give a filter for Comments Open - this could be another way of achieving what we want