Using Emoji's in Markdown Macro

  • 30 July 2021
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  (e.g. :heavy-plus-sign:) in a markdown macro? I am not seeing them be interpreted in the Guru card.


Best answer by Devon O'Dwyer 2 August 2021, 17:13

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2 replies

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Hi @Ian Link thanks for reaching out! We currently don’t support emojis in text form in Markdown blocks in Guru. When you’re on a Mac, if you click on control + command + the space bar, the emoji keyboard should open up and you can insert an emoji into a Guru Card or Markdown block this way.

Can you share more about your use case here and why this would be helpful for you? That will help me provide any other context or workarounds. 😄

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I am writing my Developer and Support portal articles into Guru and they sync’ing them to ReadMe (and soon Confluence) to ensure the articles are written once and propagated into the other systems. They sync is not able to handle the mix of markdown and image.

Worst case, I don’t use any emoji’s in these pages but I would love to be able to write pure markdown in these pages.