Using Guru to ensure our Slack communication is as efficient and effective as possible

  • 22 October 2020
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Hey all -
Happy Thursday! Here at Guru, we're experimenting with using a Card to communicate how to ensure our Slack communication is as efficient and effective as possible. In this new normal of remote work, it can be challenging to manage Slacks zipping to and fro/in all directions. (AKA How can we go from :explodinghead: to :maninlotusposition:...)
One interesting idea we're testing out is a set of custom emoji's that clarifies the urgency of a Slack message, whether it's a high priority ASAP need, just an FYI with no action needed, or somewhere in between with a response needed in 1 or 3 days. Check out this blog post, posted today, for more on this and other ways we're working to improve Slack with Guru.
As always, thread your realted ideas and suggestions here for the benefit of all! 🤝❤🚀 Have a great rest of the week!Seeking Balance for Digital Wellness

2 replies

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i really loved this! is there a way to share the various Guru cards with my team. For ex, there's one about the emojis you use. If i click on it, I'm taken to a Guru homepage. I'd like to share it outside of the full blog post as an example. :slightlysmilingface:
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I'd also like to share what a colleague offered as their own advice: in a previous remote job, their personal and work laptop was the same. At hotjar we provide a new laptop when you start (of your choosing). He said now when he's done work, he shuts it down and puts it in a laptop bag. Poof! Work is done.
I do something similar where I try do most of browsing etc on my iPad. I also completely close Slack and use a different browser for personal stuff. I also have my computer set up in a room that is also my exercise room - my work and workout room 😄
Would love to know other people's tips for "leaving the office" when it's also at home.