Verifying Guru's default collection cards (template, welcome)

  • 8 August 2023
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Hello there…

I couldn’t quite find an answer to this here in Community, and perhaps didn’t look too hard; but… I have 18 cards I need to verify in my “To Review” Tasks — but they’re all cards from the original Guru Collections that were pre-installed (“Welcome to Guru!” and “Templates for product enablement”).

As they were “Made by Guru,” I don’t have edit or verifier access to any of these cards. Is there a way for these to be verified… or even deleted? 

Thanks for any info!



Best answer by Brandon Beasley 10 August 2023, 18:16

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Hi Lloyd 😎

I believe the area you’re searching for within your Guru environment will be within the Collections management section (Navigate the left-side menu: Settings > Users and Collections > Collections [Tab] OR Navigate the left-side menu: All Collections > Click “Manage Collections” in the upper right next to the page title).

From here, you can edit Collection Settings by clicking the vertical ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) for the respective Collection you wish to edit. Once in the Edit Collection window, you can simply click Delete Collection to remove the collection and all associated Cards.

It seems that Guru does not allow you to edit the Cards that they publish, as there are limited Group Access and Role abilities for these Collections and Cards. I’d say if you’re done with them, remove them and make some of your own versions specific to your organization that may be more valuable.

I hope this helps!

Edit Collection window in Guru