We made this CLI tool using the Guru API.

  • 25 March 2021
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Hello fellow Gurus! At Pliancy, we encourage everyone to contribute docs where they can, and we do as little gatekeeping as possible. This has led to significant engagement with our docs, both in terms of creation and consumption.
We've tripled our team over the last two years, and all the while were biasing for hiring proactive people that wanted to share their knowledge. We knew we didn't want to do any additional gatekeeping, but we increasingly needed a way to administer Guru in ways that the UI doesn't support. So, using the excellent Guru API, we made this CLI tool. Based on a bit of lurking here in the Guru Slack community, we thought others might want some of these features and decided to publish the tool on NPM. It's open-source, so you can use it however you see fit. Please feel free to open a GitHub pull request if you notice any issues or have a feature request. As a side note, you must be a Guru admin for the tool to work correctly. :slightlysmilingface:
Features include: 
• Global find/replace with a preview before the job runs
• Find any content based on a powerful search syntax
• Verify any article on behalf of the verifier
• Verify expired articles
• And more! 

4 replies

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Woah, this is awesome @dillon! Thank you 100x for sharing your hard work for others!
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Of course!
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this is awesome! and shockingly similar to an internal tool we have (down to the 'impersonate this user and then run this command' approach)
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Pliancy: Spy Division