Weekly Guru Goals + Organizing Product Information

  • 25 January 2022
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Hey everyone, hope you are having a great start to another week! What Guru goals are top of mind for you this week? Let’s support each other! :nerd: 


Share one Guru goal you are working towards below. Chances are someone in the community is working towards the same thing!


Need Ideas? In the spirit of Thursday’s Deep Dive, this week we’re focused on organizing product information in Guru. Here’s a sneak peek of what product operations leads @John Josi , Ramp, and Martin Evans, enerflo, would say.


Action items to organize your product information in Guru

  • Map your user’s journey. What questions would you end users be asking? How would they frame it in their own words?
  • Make product information searchable. Use those insights to craft titles and keywords for your Cards.
  • Use templates. The Guru Template Gallery has a range of grab-and-go Cards to get you started. Start with this Feature Documentation template by @Shona Fenner and browse the rest of the product management templates!
  • Set up automated workflows. Once you craft your Cards, it’s time to amplify your work to your team! Make it easy to alert your team about new product information by using our Zapier and Workato integrations.  Get inspiration from other Guru users here: 


Other Guru Goals:


Drop your goals below, and let us know what questions you have!

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We did a mini project (my favorite kind… a 2-person mindmeld) to reorganize and restructure our competitor info cards and battlecards. While I don’t love the war metaphor for “battlecards”, I do love creating a structure that our team can actually USE to learn about the market, both ad hoc and in an exploratory way. It turns out we had both more and less information than expected. ;)