What are ways in which your CX team is ensuring that guru is part of your KPIs?

  • 20 November 2020
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As the end of the year is approaching, what are ways in which your CX team is ensuring that guru is part of the success of the individual KPIs, team KPIs, department KPIs for 2021?

5 replies

Love this topic @cynthia! cc @jsoffa who's been thinking about this a lot here at Guru as well.
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Great minds! Since knowledge-driven culture is baked into Guru, right now we're focusing on having "knowledge innovation" goals per team. We want each team to identify and actively use Guru to solve a problem they're facing
Looping in a few other folks here for visibility, would love to hear everyone's thoughts when you have a chance! cc @mirna.lessinger, @joshua, @caroline.svenson, @tawnya, @coachtaylor.paschal, @coachlindsey.hart, @laura.jolly, @ylongoria, @mariah, @jose.paez, @aberman
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Hello! We did not officially roll out until August so not enough time for the team but my knowledge manager has the trust score >90% and engagement >90% in her annual KPIs
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We are in the process of building Looker dashboards using the Guru API to track card verification and other health metrics, which will complement our other Looker dashes for ticket-related metrics and give more visibility into Guru health. My main challenge has been that it's hard for managers/senior team members to see a holistic view of what's happening in Guru (and why they should care) and we have so many verifiers/sub-teams, etc. the overall verification score doesn't give us targeted info on what could be improved. I've been saying "verify your cards please!" for 6 months with little progress being made, hopefully being able to provide more granular data on trust score and Guru usage - and how it correlates to our ticket work, response times, accuracy, etc. - will have more impact!