What are your best practices for when missing knowledge is identified?

Hey everyone! I'm interested to hear of best practices for when missing knowledge is identified, particularly in the use case where the Support agent *knows* how to answer the query, but the process isn't documented yet. It's also worth adding that I'm looking for a particular flow for agents who don't have Author permissions, so can't *create* a new Card.
I know this is something that can be solved via Slack, but I'm also interested to hear of ways this could be solved using the Extension, if at all? For context, we're using Zendesk.
*For example:*
• Agent replies to customer
• Agent then wants to flag to Knowledge Council that we need a Card for this process
Would the best solution be to use Slack here? Would you use Ask an Expert?

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Hey Rosie! At my team, we set up a "Flag for Comms" workflow which is any support agent is empowered to state something is missing or this content needs updating. They do this one of two ways:
• Use a macro in Zendesk to flag a ticket they are working on where there is a gap in the info/info needs to be updated (I like to see the ticket from the customer so I can see exactly what info they're talking about). The macro pings me so I can look at it.
• Use the comments section on any Guru card - or the closest Guru card if a card doesn't exist.
I track all the feedback in one spreadsheet so I can see which ones I've actioned on or not. And to also keep track of who's flagging so their team leads can use it for their performance reviews!
Hey Brooke! That's super interesting and I hadn't considered using macros, thanks for sharing 😊 that could well be a useful solution!
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Hey Brooke I'm keen to know more about the macros in zendesk. Is there somewhere I can find out how to set one? Also, is it restricted based on plans?
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Hey @lit! I use the shared macros feature (I asked our ZD administrator to give me access). I had the admin help me set it up, but basically it just adds a tag to the ticket, and he set up an automation so that when the tag is added, it sends me an email with a link to the ticket.
I also have the macro include a private note on the ticket that the support agent has to fill out to specify what documentation is missing or needs updating as well
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Brilliant. Thanks!! Will check it out