What are your thoughts on revisiting and restructuring your content?

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Hi everyone! I'd love to hear your thoughts on organizing and restructuring content. Many of us have gone through the process of getting information into Guru, but what happens when the time comes to revisit that knowledge and restructure it? I'm thinking especially of determining which cards are related to each other in a series, or making the hierarchy of information really clear.

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Hey Sarah, have you heard of Card Sorting? It's an exercise used to determine/validate information architecture.
I find card sorting is a really effective way to validate the hierarchy, and understanding information architecture helps you build/rebuild your hierarchy based on your card sorting results.
You can find details about my card-sorting exercise inĀ step 3 of my blog post here, which was part of a project of migrating our content from Confluence to Guru, if that helps! There are some great resources in there that I mention if you want to dive more into card sortingPart II: How to Successfully Migrate Docs to a New Tool
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We need to focus more on tags - i feel like it can really help
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@sarahw how dare you read my mind, Sarah, lol. I started building a new board group earlier this week and immediately questioned whether I had structed everything wrong the first time around.
@bwayne, always the hero, I'm gonna take a look at that blog. Thank you!!
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Great question! I've inherited my team's Guru collection and working on re-organizing now. Starting with a bottom up approach to see what cards currently exist and what boards those apply to and go from there! Would love any other tips and tricks folks have up their sleeves on this.