What does “Guru usage” mean in performance analytics?

  • 27 September 2021
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I have a question about the “usage” performance metric, referring back to this Help Center article: Evaluating Performance Analytics

Under Understanding the Data › Guru usage, it says:

Here, Guru usage is defined as viewing or copying a Card while a ticket is open. This is not specific to AI Suggest; it represents all Guru usage over support conversations.


So am I understanding this correctly, whenever I have a ticket open on Intercom in one browser tab and any Guru Card in another tab, that counts as usage in a support conversation?

I’m trying to find out how relevant that data really is. So in my example, I could have been viewing a Card on whatever topic on Guru while my Intercom tab with that conversation was still open, and Guru would count my viewing of the Card as support usage?

Sorry, likely missing something and a bit confused, appreciate any advice… 🙏


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Hi @Caspar Hübinger ! This is a great question. To clarify, the extension needs to be open over the ticketing system (in your case intercom) if you want to track Guru usage with that program. It does not work across browser tabs. Hope that helps! The team will be updating that help article so it’s clearer in the future :)


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Thanks, @Callie Rojewski, that makes it clear. 😊