What files do you often embed into Guru Cards?

  • 20 October 2021
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Hey everyone! What files do you often embed into Guru Cards? 

Our Technical Support team creates a ton of Cards that walk-through how to use our tech stack, log bugs, work with other teams, etc. and it’s a huge timesaver to be able to embed Loom videos that further explain each topic. I love having the ability to create a detailed, informative Card that can link out to the supplemental video and/or document (i.e. Google Docs) while the Card itself remains short, sweet, and easy to read. 

This is especially helpful when we onboard new hires to our support team. We typically go through a mock chat style shadowing session so new folks can get a glimpse at our day-to-day responsibilities and use Intercom to respond to customers. We do this by using a test Guru environment and a test Intercom environment, which involves a few set-up steps. To make this as easy as possible, I’ve embedded a Loom video into a Guru Card that shows exactly what these new hires need to do to set this up. Here’s what this looks like below:

It’s great being able to see additional information that’s located in a different source (such as Loom, Google Docs, etc.) without having to navigate to a new tab or window. I would love to hear what files you often embed into Guru Cards and how it’s helped you and your team! Feel free to thread any thoughts or ideas below :)

1 reply

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@Caroline Svenson @BethAnne Freund - would love to hear how you all do this and any others!