What platform is Guru using for their Help Center?

  • 8 March 2021
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Is Guru using its own platform for the KB now? Or is it Intercom? When I click the links at the bottom of this page, it takes me to this page with at the beginning of the URL.

Best answer by Callie Rojewski 8 March 2021, 18:06

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I noticed this as well, last week! @crojewski?
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It is hosted on intercom!
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@jzhang has all the info - we recently migrated the help center from a homegrown solution to Intercom Articles. If you have any questions let us know :slightlysmilingface:

@June Zhang @Chris Anderson 
Can you provide details around the connection between your Guru environment and Intercom?
Is the source for the articles published via Intercom your own Guru instance, still?
If so, what’s the process to get them from A to B?
Or, are teams authoring in Intercom and syncing back to Guru?
Looks like knowledge sync w/ Intercom is no longer an option.  Why?
Please answer all the questions I haven’t thought to ask, and hope you’re doing well, Thx!

Hey @Paul_Wickes! The Guru Help Center is currently hosted through Intercom and we publish/update help articles via Intercom. While we don’t have an officially supported Intercom<>Guru knowledge sync, we built a one-way sync from Intercom Articles to our own instance of Guru, so we could easily access our Help Center articles via Guru. You can find the Github repository here with some additional information, if it’s helpful and you have technical resources that can help implement and support this functionality on your team (Guru does not support this integration currently). Note: Guru and Intercom API access is needed, which requires a Builder plan or above with Guru.

Okay, thanks @Chris Anderson 

As you stated, “Guru does not support this integration currently.” 
Guru previously support an Intercom Knowledge Sync, so I’d like to dig into that a bit. 

What’s the roadmap like there?  Why was the integration removed?

As I’m evaluating our org’s tech stack to make purchaes and purchase reccomendations, I’d like to avoid buliding something that encompases more volatility than we can manage. 


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@Paul_Wickes Hi there, jumping in from Guru’s Product Specialist team! Apologies for the confusion - we have never supported an Intercom Knowledge Sync. You may be confusing this with one of our other syncs - we do support syncing Zendesk Help Centers into Guru. 

We do not have any additional out-of-the-box syncs on our roadmap, but rather lean on our iPaas connectors like Zapier and Workato, as well as our API, to help customers build their own syncs - as we did in the Card Chris linked above. I hope this helps! 

I appreciate the clarification @Lily Wilson