What rules do you use for sending our Knowledge Alerts?

  • 9 February 2021
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Does anyone have a rule of thumb or workflow they'd like to share for sending out & following up on knowledge alerts? I sent out a knowledge alert on one card on day 1, then sent a reminder for three workdays in a row, and the KA read rates are still pretty low (56%). We're newer to Guru, and this card is to inform a few teams about a pilot we're starting for Guru, so higher readership may come with time, but I'd love to know what works for you all

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6 replies

Great question @amanda633! Copying in a few folks who may be able to share their process: @zev @siobhan @kaitlin
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we don't have a magic formula but its trial and error depending on the topic! :slightlysmilingface:
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We make 3 Knowledge Alerts per week of important updates within our department, and we also have struggled with readership for them. Even after a year, our readership isn't consistently where we want it to be, but we've done a couple of things that have drastically improved the number of folks reading their alerts since the beginning. First, I made an Info card explaining what Knowledge Alerts are, why they're important, how they work, etc. That helped a bit, but not enough, so we actually made it a part of individual KPIs because the alerts contain information that is directly relevant to reps' day-to-day work. Now, I send separate Knowledge Alerts to each team and pull the read reports at the end of the week for our team coaches so that they can have conversations with folks who are consistently not reading their alerts, particularly if their other KPIs are low. Something else that we discovered, though, was that we had more than a few folks who didn't realize clicking the "I Read It" button was how we determined whether or not they were reading their alerts, so we had to review that bit a couple of times, too. :seenoevil: Hope that helps!
Awesome tips, thanks so much for sharing @kaitlin! Also, Liz from FabFitFun and @jsoffa shared some great advice at a Guru Deep Dive last June - @amanda633 check out the deck and recording here (also linked from the Help Center article on Knowledge Alerts). Here's a tip referenced in the Deep Dive on getting additional KA analytics, if you're able to use the Guru API.Using Knowledge Alerts
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we haven't made much use of KA yet so don't really have a process at the moment!
Also, asking users to enable Slack notifications via the Guru app can definitely help vs. only relying on email notifications. We've seen higher Knowledge Alert engagement when Slack notifications are enabled.Managing your Guru notifications in Slack