What's a favorite app to use in or with Guru for brainstorming?

  • 23 June 2021
  • 5 replies

Does anyone have a fave app that they use in or with guru for brainstorming/concept planning? I'm looking at collaborative mind mapping tools and would love to pick one that's tried and true as well as useful in Guru!

5 replies

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I've heard very good things about Miro for this purpose. My last company used it for all client projects as it enabled internal and external teams to collaborate.
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+1 to that, we've used Miro board at Guru for customer journey mapping. Lucidchart is also good as well!

Thank you! Great, I will explore that.

+1 to Miro and Lucidchart, although I’ve never tried embedding either in a Guru card personally. Depending on the complexity of the flow charts you need, Google Drawings is another option. All of these options should be embeddable in Guru via iframe or markdown, but would need some testing :)

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My team uses Whimsical, and I’ve successfully iframed it in Guru cards as well!