What's one piece of advice you'd give your past self as you were ramping up with Guru?

  • 1 December 2020
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Hey everyone, hope you had a great holiday weekend! We have some newer Guru champions and admins in our channel , so let's get into the holiday spirit by sharing some words of wisdom with our peers. *What's one piece of advice you'd give your past self (or past team) as you were ramping up with Guru?*

7 replies

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If you're importing a lot of content from an existing repository, change the verification interval from the default 3 months to whatever it should be for each card…or in 90 days you're going to have a bad time.
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Get your manager involved early and often, so when it comes time for renewal, the value is already recognized and it's a simple process
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create a guru knowledge council upfront, don't wait until post-training your team. so much easier to build the right database when diverse ideas and perspectives shape it from the start
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10 outta 10 agree with changing that verification interval 😉
But my biggest piece of advice is to build a system of accountability for verifiers from the start and make sure that is backed by managers.
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@shona for sure!
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Love all of this! For those who haven't implemented a knowledge governance council, here's a helpful blog post.Knowledge Governance: Where to Start
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Have patience!