What's the different between "archiving" and "dismissing" a question?

  • 8 February 2023
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After addressing questions from the “Ask an Expert” feature, I see two options to either Archive question or Dismiss.  Is there a difference between the two actions?   

What is best practice if you want to make sure you have access to questions/answers for historical reference but would also like to clear out your inbox?

Example 1: Clicking the red X in the “Questions - Inbox” prompts you to “dismiss” :



Example 2: Clicking the “Archive question” at the bottom of the open questions page:


2 replies

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Morning @Linda Moore! 👋 The Dismiss button will remove the Question from your Tasks tab, but it won't delete it from Guru. For example, if the question was asked to a Group (e.g. the "Management" Group with 3 people), and you dismiss it from your My Tasks, the other 2 teammates in Management will still see it in their Questions Inbox. Your Card Manager Questions tab should continue to reflect the dismissed question. The “Archive” is really more of a delete, as this action deletes the question for all users.

The reasoning for dismissal is that people often want to keep their Questions Inbox "clean" by removing questions that are better suited for someone else to answer. If you are the sole answerer, you can also reassign the question to another person or Group.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you @Marie Frei for explaining the difference! Is there any enhancement on the roadmap to allow exporting of questions from the Questions page in Card Manager? 

It would be helpful to be able to export and 1) distribute to other team members who may be answering, 2) keep a record for historical purposes.  If there is way currently to do this, please feel free to direct me.