What's your Guru goal for the week?

  • 21 September 2021
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Hey everyone! Let’s set some intentions for the week and support each other. What is one Guru goal you are working towards? 🗒️


Are you focused on updating your tags? Managing your verification queue? Setting up some Guru automations perhaps? Chances are, someone in the community is working towards the same goal. 


If you’re looking for a place to start, take a look at these recent posts for tips, tricks, and new ideas. 🤓



4 replies

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For me, these next few weeks are very focused on updating customer stories in Guru.


We maintain stories and quotes from top Guru champions (like you!) so the go-to market team can reference them when communicating externally.


The plan is to update them to match our current use cases, relaunch them internally at an enablement session, and use that time to get stories out of team members’ memories and into shared cards in our Guru collection. If anyone has any tips on facilitating “content blitzes” or sessions where folks come together to create cards, let me know! 



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@Daniella Place @Alyssa Huat @Joan Alcances @John Ingram @Andrew Wilder  - I’ve been seeing your names pop up in posts! What’s on your radar this week? Would love to see how we can help :)

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Focused on content review/updates and clean up for the week. Your answer on my bulk archive for the cards on a board question post really helped!  :blush:


That’s a great question, @Callie Rojewski. Tag management is definitely at the top of my mind lately. Both cleaning up what is currently in use, and coming up with a better strategy for using tags in the future. I also need to tame the amorphous growth of Boards in our Support team Collection. I’ve my fingers crossed that the former facilitates the latter! 

We’ve also found that we had a large number of Card templates that were never being used, and the choices were overwhelming, so we’ve consolidated back down to the bare minimum. 

If you’re offering to help, I have a bunch of Cards that need tagging… ;)