What should a Table of Contents feature include?

  • 28 October 2022
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I love Guru as a product overall, but man I just can’t with the lack of a Table of Contents feature!


I simply cannot WAIT for them to create it. In the meantime, to the community at large, I ask:


What should a proper Table of Contents feature in 2022 be able to do? I think at the very least,

  • Auto-generate a table of contents at the top of the Card
  • Include in the table of contents all headers & sub-headers in the Card
  • Allow the user (me) to hide / show items in the table of contents

What do you all think?


1 reply

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Hi @Matt Fernald! Thanks for participating in the Community and sharing your thoughts. To make a (very!) long story short, we’re in the late stages of our editor rewrite and our Product Team will be prioritizing feature requests for the new editor in the coming months.

We have an existing Product Feedback post requesting Table of Contents in Cards if you’d like to upvote that idea. Posts like these are one of the factors that our PMs use to decide what features to work on next, so feedback like yours is important.