When to embed content into Guru Cards

  • 2 December 2021
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Hey everyone! Caroline from Technical Support here 👋 I wanted to pop in here and follow up on a post from a few weeks back about how to embed files into Guru Cards


To zoom out a bit, we often get questions about when and when not to embed files into Cards and I thought it may be helpful to share more about how we think about this internally at Guru!


We recommend embedding (or linking to) an external file: 

  1. If it is written in long-form content (think, a research document) 

  2. If it is a specific-use program that has specific editing capabilities for that asset (think, a Google Sheet)


A great example of this is the Project Summary Cards that our team creates to detail an ongoing project for internal stakeholders. The purpose of these Cards is to summarize the project goals and deadlines, and address potential questions from those across departments. Often, the authors of these Cards will embed any relevant research document or Figma file. That way, they are not duplicating work and the Card still serves its purpose. 


Here is a link to a template of our Project Summary Cards! 


Tip: Embedding a file also serves as a way to improve adoption in Guru - If you want to provide your team with coaching on when & how to use the assets, you can create a Guru card with a short blurb about the document, link to it, and embed an iFrame of the asset, so that your team can scroll through the asset without leaving the Guru Card.

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