Where are you stuck re: centralizing knowledge and organizing content in Guru?

  • 26 July 2021
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Happy Monday Guru Community! Reminder that this Thursday, 9am PST / 12pm EST is our next Guru Deep Dive. 🏊‍♀️We’ll be hearing from Martin Theobald, Knowledge Manager at Crisp Thinking, and talking through challenges and solutions to centralizing knowledge and structuring content in Guru. RSVP here!

We want to know your questions about this topic! @Imtiaz Alam 🎓is making a new course on How to Structure Content in Guru and is looking for your feedback. 

What topics would you like us to cover in this course?

  • Understand Guru’s content hierarchy to create your own structure
  • Guru Permissions: Authors take ownership/responsibility of content with Read-Only members as audience
  • Add Frameworks + Templates and see examples of Collection structure (Department, Product or Vertical, Types of Knowledge, Region, etc.)
  • Best practices on structuring / creating content in an effort to optimize search

What is missing from the above list? Drop your ideas and questions below. Let’s get a discussion started in preparation for Thursday’s Deep Dive!

1 reply

Excited for this! @Laquize Bassey @Michelle Williams​ @Kaitlin Warren @Toni Hankinson any feedback or ideas on what you’d love to see covered in the course @Imtiaz Alam is building? Or stumbling blocks you’ve it when organizing knowledge in Guru? I remember this being top of mind recently via this post so thought I’d loop you all in!