Why are some cards showing revisions made after verification, but no changes were made to the content?

  • 6 September 2022
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Hello! So my team is dealing with an interesting conundrum. There was a Guru card that was recently verified, but it showed up as a revision in the revision history. However, comparing revisions doesn’t show any changes to the content at all.

We’ve only noticed this once so far, but it’s something we want to get to the bottom of because we have a Zapier automation that gathers all Guru cards that have been edited, and this one card that was simply verified made it on this list, even though no edits were made.

Does anyone have any insight on what might be happening here?

3 replies

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Hi Craig, 

Changing the verifier or the verification interval will contribute to the revision history of a card, do you know if either of those actions were part of the verification for the card in question?

The card in question has a verifier group, so different people can verify it, but the group never changes. Would that make a difference? Also, is there any way to see when the verification interval was changed (if it was)?

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Hi Craig, 

Sorry for the slow reply... different people within the same verifier group verifying the card won’t have an effect on versioning, the group would need to be changed. I poked through the API but didn’t see a way to determine if a verification interval had changed there either. If you’d like I can convert this into product feedback.