Would it be possible to allow non-http/https links?

  • 30 August 2021
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Would it be possible to allow non-http/https links? I’d like to put links to Intune Company Portal and Jamf Self Service which use companyportal: and jamfselfservice: URIs respectively.


Best answer by Devon O'Dwyer 1 September 2021, 22:59

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5 replies

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@James Andrewartha Hi James! Thanks for your question. Do you have any examples of these URLs that I could test in Guru Cards to see what is possible? 

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Sure, jamfselfservice://content?entity=policy&id=1358&action=view and  companyportal:ApplicationId=d16888a1-0e6a-43a0-a940-87e342bfa9fb and companyportal://applist

Docs: mentions selfserviceios:// too. Couldn’t find any docs for the companyportal scheme.

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We have a similar request too. Our docs mention Chrome extensions and other tips for clearing cookies + cache. The URL for those are 




, and Guru keeps inserting https:// in the beginning which breaks those links in Chrome.

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@James Andrewartha and @brookethebatman Thanks for sharing more! I’m going to pass this question along to our Support team as they will better be able to handle and track it. I've alerted our Support Team and they’ll be touch as soon as possible over email to troubleshoot with you further. 



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As an update, our team confirmed that this is a known limitation with our editor - currently, we only allow links that start with protocols we accept (for example, we do not accept Javascript). For a security measure, we add https:// to the front of links that do not fit within those protocols. 

Our team is currently undertaking a major rewrite of our Card editor functionality that will allow us to deliver on faster feature development, improve our editor performance, and reduce bugs (you can read more about it here!) 

Due to our bandwidth, we are unable to prioritize a permanent solution for this issue and are planning on revisiting this issue after the editor upgrade.