"You need permission" message on Google files embedded on Guru card

  • 25 August 2023
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Hi Guru folks!

We have recently embedded two very important Google files into Guru cards so our users don’t have to have them bookmarked and can easily navigate them from the Guru card.

Quite a lot of our users reported that when they open the Guru card, they are unable to see the embedded file, however, if they open the same file from the link from their bookmark, it works ok.

Any ideas what might be the issue and how to fix it? We have approx 1200 users that need to have access to the file. Thanks!

2 replies

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Hi @Lucia Delicova! 👋 It’s interesting that the user is logged in to a Google account that lets them view the Google Sheet from a link, so perhaps the Sheet’s “publish to web” permission settings are different. I recommend starting with troubleshooting the Google Sheet and the user’s access using some of the advice in our Why am I having trouble viewing embedded content from Google? article.

  • Open the file and click File > Share > Publish to Web > click the Embed tab > expand the Published content & settings area.
  • Here, you’ll see the permission settings of the embedded published version of the sheet.
  • There is a Restrict access to the following option that may be checked. If checked, verify the Google account the user has logged in with in the browser tab when they were viewing this Guru Card is in the listed Google group with permission to the published version of this sheet.

Let me know what you find! 🔍

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Hi @Marie Frei thanks for getting back and for the advise!

I checked the permissions - I cannot untick the Restrict access to the following which I believe is causing the issue since the file is shared with TravelPerk Team but also individually with hundreds of other users from our outsourced hubs. I will need to check with our IT team if there’s anything we can do from our side or we’ll need to go to good old attaching the file to the card.


If you happen to have any ideas though, I’d be very grateful! Thanks.