Apply for Early Access to our new Generative AI feature, Assist!

  • 30 March 2023
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Apply for Early Access to our new Generative AI feature, Assist!
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Hi Community members 👋 

Over the last couple of months, the rapid advances in machine learning and AI technology have changed the way we think about building software. Here at Guru, Generative AI has opened up a new world of possibilities when it comes to knowledge management.

Today, I’m excited to announce our newest generative AI functionality: Assist. In this first iteration, Assist will help authors create and share knowledge by quickly and efficiently summarizing long-form content into quick, bite-sized knowledge highlights. In the near-term future, Assist will also be able to help content creators by improving their writing, adjusting for tone and voice, and even translating their knowledge into other languages.

Interested in bringing generative AI into your Guru workflow? We’re opening a limited, Early Access program for this new feature in the coming days. If you’re interested in participating in this private program, please apply using this Google Form. We’ll be selecting a group of companies from the applicant pool to make sure we’re testing this feature across a variety of different kinds of organizations. Application doesn’t guarantee participation in the program, but we encourage Guru Admins to apply today! Applications close on April 7, so don’t delay!

4 replies

Hello there, since applications closed on April 7th, how soon can we expect to hear from Guru if we were selected to participate in the early pilot or not?

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@Daniela Garcia Toranzo you should receive an email today!

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Will Assist be available to all plans @Jon Saft ? Thanks!


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@Lynn Miller during the Early Access program, Assist will be available to any and all plans!

We are still working through the longer terms plan, so I can’t make any guarantees there, but for now, we would love to get as much usage and feedback as possible!