Apply to be a Beta user for Guru’s next generative AI feature, Answers!

Apply to be a Beta user for Guru’s next generative AI feature, Answers!
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Hi Guru Community!


As you’ve probably already seen in the Community and in our recent webinar, Guru is investing in exciting new AI features that we hope will help you achieve your knowledge management goals more efficiently than ever before.


I’m excited to share more info on Guru’s next generative AI functionality: Answers. With this functionality, users ask a question and get back an easy-to-understand answer pulled from Guru Cards and Knowledge Syncs. Answers elevates Guru’s already great search experience by eliminating the traditional steps needed to get just the right answer back — and massively decreasing the time people spend seeking out information they need to do their jobs. The experience is like popular AI tools your team may already be using, but securely connected to your company’s trusted information. Users will even be able to see the sources used to generate an answer, so they can dig deeper and get more context if they need it. As if that wasn't exciting enough, future iterations of Answers will include the ability to search across your company's apps and surface information instantly.


We’ve been using Answers internally at Guru for a month now and the team loves the feature! We’re saving time on everything from responding to RFPs to helping remote teammates find the best co-work spaces.

Interested in trying out Answers before the release date? We’re opening a limited Beta Program for this new feature and are looking for participants. If you’re interested in this private program, please apply using this Google Form. We’ll be selecting a group of companies from the applicant pool to make sure we’re testing this feature across a variety of different kinds of organizations. Application doesn’t guarantee participation in the program, but we encourage Guru Admins to apply today. Applications close on May 24th, so don’t delay!


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This feature sounds amazing! Will Answers only search through external applications that have Knowledge Syncs (Zendesk, Confluence, Salesforce)? If so, will there be more extensions or additional Knowledge Syncs coming up on the roadmap? This will be an absolute game changer for us if it can be extended to Azure DevOps wikis. 

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@Jenny Storm thanks for your question! Right now, Answers will search from Knowledge Sync Cards and API-synced Cards, as well as any Cards created from Content Migrators. As far as additional knowledge syncs, please feel free to share that as a product feedback post!