Calling all "Verification Digest" email readers (or non-readers)!

  • 15 December 2022
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Hi Guru Community! We’re conducting research around our Verification Digest email, and would love to speak to any users who currently receive this weekly email from Guru. Please note that this email currently only goes to users who do not have Slack notifications enabled–if you do have Slack notifications enabled, you get the same round-ups directly in Slack.  

All opinions are welcomed! Please share a comment in the thread if you’d like to share your feedback, and we’ll reach out with a link to schedule a time to chat. 


2 replies

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Hi! Thanks for getting us involved. I recently changed my notifications to Slack, but received this digest via email prior to that. What would be helpful for me is to also receive notification of impending (upcoming) cards in the weekly digest. Ideally, having a filter link included in the email to easily self help and capture cards due to expire within X days or X weeks in a specific collection or board, would be great.

Problem to Solve: As an admin and collection owner, I would like to provide my verifiers with a heads up on cards they are responsible to verify, prior to the date they expire, so they can scope the level of effort they need to accomplish this. 

I have not found a simple way to do this ad hoc in Card Manager other than running reports with varying verification intervals and last verified dates and piecing reports together.


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@Linda Moore thank you so much for that insight—that’s definitely something we are considering! I’ll send you a DM from here :)